How to Choose the Right Plumber

a peter stannard plumber servicing a hot water systemHiring a plumber is a major decision, one that you want to get right the first time. Plumbers manage some of the most important installations and repairs around the home, so it’s essential to hire a plumber who’ll do a first-rate job each and every time they work on your property.

If you’re looking for plumbers in the southern suburbs of Perth, give Peter Stannard Plumbing, Gas & Air Conditioning a call. We’re a family owned and operated business with a reputation for honesty, reliability and providing a full range of plumbing services to Perth homeowners.

Fully Qualified and Certified – There are fewer unqualified and uncertified plumbers operating than there used to be, but there are still a few about. Hiring a plumber who lacks the required certifications and, therefore, isn’t insured, could prove to be a costly mistake. Our tradies are fully-qualified and certified to provide a full range of professional plumbing services to clients.

Emergency Callout Service – Most plumbers in Perth provide an emergency callout service to handle emergencies that occur after hours. This is an essential service that all homeowners should insist upon when sourcing a plumber to carry out repairs, renovations or installations.

Even though you may not have a plumbing emergency on your hands at the moment, it’s good to know that a local Perth plumber who provides a first-rate service is just a phone call away. We can manage all plumbing emergencies for homeowners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A Full Service Range – As with afterhours emergency plumbing services, it’s advantageous to have an experienced and certified plumber just a phone call away who can provide you with a full range of plumbing services. Our plumbers carry out all aspects of plumbing work, from blocked drains and burst pipes to hot water system installations and kitchen renovations.

Quality Workmanship Guaranteed – Due to the nature of plumbing work and the things that can go wrong, it’s essential that the plumber you hire guarantees their workmanship in addition to guaranteeing parts. Providing clients with a guarantee is a principle of good customer service and something you should insist upon when hiring a plumber to work on your home.

Free Quotes – No one wants to feel obligated to use a plumber’s services if they’re not happy with the quotes they’re given, so make sure you’re going to get a free, no-obligation quote on their services and that there’s no pressure to say ‘ok’ when what you really mean is ‘no way’.

We provide free quotes on all our plumbing services with absolutely no obligation to say ‘yes’. However, as you’re sure to find our rates highly competitive, we’re very confident that you won’t say ‘no’!

Hiring the right plumber to work on your home is essential, so don’t take any chances with your home and the health and safety of your family, call the expert tradespeople at Peter Stannard Plumbing, Gas & Air Conditioning whenever you need professional plumbing services in Perth.

Hot Water Tanks vs Tankless Water Heaters

Thermann 16L Flow SystemWith the choice of a hot water tank or a tankless water heater, which one would you choose? Selecting a new hot water system isn’t an easy decision for many homeowners as there are pros and cons to both options dependent upon a number of factors, such as the number of people in the household and their hot water usage patterns. We install both hot water systems for Perth homeowners in addition to providing solar hot water repairs and we’re happy to help you make the best decisions about your new hot water system if you need some expert advice.

The Pros and Cons to Hot Water Tanks and Tankless Hot Water Systems Either system could prove to be the most astute choice but that depends on your household and how much water you use. Here are a few of the many points that you’ll need to consider.

Hot Water (Storage) Tanks Use Renewable Resources – Hot water tanks can utilise solar panels and heat pumps whereas tankless systems are limited to gas or mains electricity. A solar hot water system for your Perth home is a great way to use renewable resources and reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

Instant Hot Water – With a tankless system there will always be a short wait before the hot water comes through the tap. With a hot water tank, however, the hot water arrives instantly.

Greater Output – You’re less likely to run out of water with a tanked system as they still have a greater output than tankless systems. For large households with high water demands, this is something to consider as a tankless system may not be able to meet your household’s needs.

Tankless (Continuous Flow) Hot Water Systems Less Energy Consumption – Tankless systems use less energy because they only heat water when it’s used, unlike a hot water tank which stores hot water at all times of the day. Even if you’re using solar panels to power your system, this energy could be directed and used elsewhere.

More Compact – Tankless systems are much more compact than hot water tanks. With the size of the average home decreasing in recent years, maximising space is a priority for many homeowners. That’s why tankless gas hot water systems are a popular choice here in Perth.

Longer Lifespan – The average lifespan of a tanked system is around 13 – 15 years whereas a tankless system offers a lifespan of up to 20 years. This may have something to do with the rust and sediment that collects in the tank, a problem that doesn’t affect tankless systems. This also results in tankless systems providing cleaner water than systems that store water in a tank. When selecting a new hot water system, it’s important to take into consideration factors such as peak capacity and output, lifespan, size and many more. With our many years’ experience installing and repairing hot water systems for Perth homeowners we can advise you on which option, a tanked or tankless hot water system, will best meet the needs of your household.